First International Show!

24 August – 8 September 2017
155 Gurtrude St
Fitzroy, Melbourne

New Zealand artist Justine Walker follows an interest in feminine subjectivity and identity. Drawing heavily on her own experience of the world with a particular interest in the expectations and limitations that society puts on all of us based on our gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity and so on. Using photography, video, sculpture, drawing and craft to investigate how women are responding to these expectations and what society is creating in reality.

Walker wanted to be a mother, but after years of fertility treatments has found herself childless. ‘For Sale: baby shoes, never worn’ consists of video and photographic works responding to this journey. Some refer to the endless, repeated attempts to conceive, hoping with all fingers and toes crossed, for a different result. Others the disenfranchised grief, the shame of giving your life over to this at all costs. And the search for what to do now, fantasizing about missed bedtime stories and birthday parties. Together these works give you a glimpse into the absence and loss of something that never existed.

Opening 6pm Wednesday 23 August
Artist talk 2pm Saturday 26 August

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