Video still from HAPPY, 2016
HAPPY, 9 min 45 sec, 2016
Installation of 100’s & 1000’s and HAPPY as part of M/other at Whakatane Museum and Arts. Hey Māmā, come and play with me (2019), by Turumeke Harrington on left. Photo by Tory Baker
Installation of HAPPY and 100’s & 1000’s at SEVENTH, Melbourne

The camera is focused on birthday candles spelling the word “HAPPY”. A woman’s hand lights the candles and we watch as they burn down until the surface they are sitting on catches alight.

HAPPY was made in response to my journey to become a mother but finding myself childless. HAPPY talks of the missed birthday parties and how the best laid plans can go horribly wrong.


M/other, Whakatane Museum and Arts, Whakatane, NZ, 2019
For Sale: baby shoes, never worn, SEVENTH, Melbourne, Australia, 2017
For Sale: baby shoes, never worn, Toi Poneke, Wellington, NZ, 2016

Featured on CIRCUIT! Artist Film and Video, Aotearoa, New Zealand